Release Notes

Real Load Release Notes

4.3.22 | 2021-10-24

  • Documentation: All Purpose Interface added.
  • The All Purpose Interface has been extended by 3 new statistics types that can be declared at runtime:
    • average-and-current-value : An average and current value
    • efficiency-ratio-percent : An efficiency ratio in percent (0..100%)
    • throughput-time-chart : A chart of a throughput per second
  • The measurement results of the HTTP Test Wizard now contain the following additional test-specific values (if the executed HTTP Test Wizard session contains URL session elements):
    • Total Bytes Sent
    • Total Bytes Received
    • Network Throughput in Mbps (real-time: current value, test result: average value and chart)
    • Average TCP Connect Time in milliseconds (real-time: + latest value)
    • Average SSL Handshake Time in milliseconds (real-time: + latest value)
    • HTTP Keep-Alive Efficiency (0..100%)
  • Bug fix: The time in the name of the test result files is now always set in the time zone of the portal server, regardless of which time zone the Measuring Agents are operated.
  • Portal Server version 4.3.22 requires now Measuring Agent version 3.9.32 and DKFQS Tools version 2.2.24

4.3.21 | 2021-09-18

  • Searching for a text in all files of the project tree is now supported.
  • Support to upload files by drag and drop added.
  • Bug fix for assigning variables to HTTP requests in HTTP Test Wizard debugger.
  • Bug fix on real time statistics and test results if the measured unit is other than ms.
  • User profile images can now have a max size of 400 KB instead of 200 KB.
  • CA Root Certificates of HTTP/S Proxy Recorder(s) can now be downloaded via the Portal Server UI.
  • Documentation: User Guide added.
  • SNMP Plug-In published at

Portal Server Installation / Ubuntu 20: The “fontconfig” package has to be installed in order that the captcha generator is working:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fontconfig

4.3.20 | 2021-08-07

  • HTTP Test Wizard Plug-Ins can now be published and are then available to other users.
  • The following HTTP Test Wizard Plugin fields are now protected by algorithms and cannot be manually modified by the JSON editor:
    • pluginId
    • authorNickname
  • A (new) “Resources Library” project is automatically created for each user in the Project Tree which contains by default the following “Resource Sets”:
    • “HTTP Test Wizard Plug-Ins”: by default empty
    • “Java”: contans always the latest version of
    • “PowerShell”: contans always the latest version of DKFQSLibrary2.psm1
  • The “Resources Library” project contains common resources which are used by multiple projects. The users can add additional resource sets and files as needed to this project.
  • The file is no longer copied to the corresponding resource set when a HTTP Test Wizard test is generated. Instead of this the generated test contain now a reference to “Resources Library / Java /”.
  • New created HTTP Test Wizard Plug-Ins contain now by default a reference to the resource file “Resources Library / Java /”.
  • More than 50 minor bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been made to the portal user interface.
  • Portal Server version 4.3.20 requires now Measuring Agent version 3.9.31
  • Existing tests and plug-ins should be upgraded to use version 2.2.21 (located at “Resource Sets / Java”). This means that the tests have to be generated and defined once again.
  • The tuning parameters of Linux operating systems on which “Measuring Agents” run must be increased:

in /etc/security/limits.conf add or modify:

# TCP/IP Tuning
# =============
* soft     nproc          262140
* hard     nproc          262140
* soft     nofile         262140
* hard     nofile         262140
root soft     nproc          262140
root hard     nproc          262140
root soft     nofile         262140
root hard     nofile         262140

Enter: systemctl show -p TasksMax user-0

output: TasksMax=8966

if you get a value less than 262140 then add in /etc/systemd/system.conf

# System Tuning
# =============

Reboot the system and verify the settings. Enter: ulimit -n

output: 262140

Enter: systemctl show -p TasksMax user-0

output: TasksMax=262140

4.3.18 | 2021-07-06

  • Support of Licenses added. Multiple licenses per user account are supported. New licenses can be entered via the Admin Menu and via the User Menu. Users whose license has expired can enter a new license during sign-in.
  • Pluggable Architecture for License Providers implemented.
  • Remote Admin API and Remote User API added. The corresponding API Authentication Tokens can be generated via the Admin Menu and via the User Menu. See API Documentation.
  • Unix Time Tool in User Menu added.
  • User accounts that are since a long time expired are now automatically deleted - including all user specific data. The number of days between the expiry date and the deletion date can be configured in the Admin Menu.
  • Deleted user accounts can now be viewed in the Admin Menu.
  • Portal Server version 4.3.18 requires now Measuring Agent version 3.9.30

4.3.14 | 2021-04-08

  • Support of multiple Price Plans / Limits for User Accounts such as Disk-Space, Number of Measuring Agents, Account expires time … (Admin Menu).
  • Access to Measuring Agents can now (optional) protected by an Authentication Token (password).
  • Configurable Default Price Plan for Sign Up (Admin Menu).
  • Configurable HTML content for Sign Up steps 1 to 4 and for (new) Sign Up completed “Welcome Page” (Admin Menu).
  • Test jobs are now digitally signed. This means that the following job settings on a Measuring Agent cannot be modified after the job has been transmitted to the Measuring Agent: type of job, local test job ID, number of users, maximum test duration.

Last modified October 23, 2021: Release Notes updated (14075d1)